“A battalion of mice was recently ordered into companies ready to do battle with its archenemy – the cat! An offensive military strategy was arranged for a simultaneous maneuvering of 200 rodents, meaning this ‘underdog’ would have the advantage over its feline foe. At hundreds of battle sites all over the UK, it was planned that the unsuspecting domesticated cat would delve into its Cat Hampurr for its monthly treat, only to find an attack of deception…”

…that’s correct: our Leather-eared Mouse cat toy was one of the products included in the Cat Hampurr box for September!

As this was my first wholesale order, it has marked a milestone for charleyandbillie.uk. The handcrafting of the two hundred mice took almost fifty hours of labour including the punching of 3,800 circles out of cardboard. But as one punch did not result in the cutting of one circle, the actual number of hammer strikes would have been in excess of 8,000! Regardless of the aching muscles and callouses, I can honestly say that each mouse was handcrafted with love and if a person can feel sentiment for the birth of an inanimate object, then I sure did. No wonder then that when it was time to release the order to Cat Hampurr, I was a little reluctant to let the mice go into the jaws and claws of their natural predator!

Battalion of mice

Cat Hampurr offers a selection of quality, healthy and natural products for your cherished cat. From food and treats to toys and hygiene, no one month’s box has the same contents meaning a surprise for you and your cat. If you are interested in treating your pet then you have the option of a monthly or bi-monthly subscription, or even a one-off gift Hampurr. Charley and Billie received their very first Cat Hampurr this month and it was a huge hit. Of course, as Charley and Billie pawcraft the Leather-eared Mouse cat toys themselves, there was no surprise mouse attack! But, the two cat toys included were instantly stolen away for play and there was no turning up of noses at the cat food and treats. It is no wonder that every month throughout the UK the cat will be on lookout for the delivery of its Cat Hampurr box.

Charley and Billie with their Cat Hampurr

Cat owners join in the fun too as the discoveries spark a plethora of pins, posts, tweets and videos across social media channels! Did your cat and its Leather-eared Mouse cat toy make it to our pin board?

Do let us know how your mouse fares in the battle between feline and rodent.