Once upon a time there lived two cats named Oliver and Nubia. Co-founders of the cat blog, Katzenworld, Oliver and Nubia (along with Mao, Snowball and Angel) employed human staff to find them the latest feline products to test. One day, Marc-André arranged for Oliver and Nubia to test the Charley and Billie Tall Cat Scratcher…

Oliver & Nubia and the scratcher a

In Part 1 of the story, will the scratcher be stable enough for Nubia with her missing front leg to use?

Nubia using the scratcher a

Part 2 of the story reveals whether Oliver was able to climb to the top of the scratcher to reach his tasty reward?

Oliver climbing the scratcher a

Marc-André of Katzenworld is the first independent cat blogger to test one of my products in order to write an honest and impartial review. Marc’s reviews are always entertaining as he includes a light-hearted dialogue in the voices of Oliver and Nubia alongside photographs. For this reason alone, the blog is certainly worth reading. But, it also reveals an interesting finding about the Charley and Billie cat scratchers which even enlightened me!

Stay tuned for Oliver and Nubia’s verdict on the Leather-eared Mouse cat toy!

What questions would you have asked of the cat scratcher in a product review?

Images courtesy of Katzenworld