I do wonder whether I’m living a sheltered life as I have only recently discovered the existence of the cat café.  If you’ve not heard of this phenomenon before then, first off, let me set the record straight – no, your cherished feline cannot accompany you for a cuppa!  Don’t worry, the cat café does have plenty of cats to coo over, but they’ll be resident.

Cat cafés are hugely popular in Japan and Canada, and are now beginning to appear in Europe.  Scotland boasts just one cat café, to date, named the Maison de Moggy which is situated in West Port, Edinburgh.  If you do happen to visit the Maison de Moggy then you will physically encounter the Charley and Billie Original Cat Scratcher!

Maison de Moggy Alain and Marcel c.ii.

Already a hit with Alain the Ragdoll and Marcel the Bengal.

The concept of the cat café does appear to be causing some controversy in the UK with some organisations boycotting it on the grounds that the multiple cat and high trafficked environment is likely to cause stress to the resident cats.  I’ll leave you to make your own mind up, but for me the above photograph clearly shows content and thriving felines.  If you want to find out more about the cat café, the cats and their welfare then take a look at Maison de Moggy.