The idea for the Original Cat Scratcher first popped into my head with the arrival of the Charley and Billie in 2013 when I struggled to find a cat scratcher that would compliment my home. But, the entity of ‘intellectual property’ didn’t occur until I physically created the first prototype cat scratcher.

As interest in and purchase of my products began to grow then I started to consider protecting this intellectual property. In July 2016, ‘Charley and Billie’ reached another milestone when the name and logo CHARLEY AND BILLIE® became UK registered trade marks.

Charley and Billie Registered Trademark Logo jpg

The trade mark registration not only helps to protect my brand, but offers you – the customer – the confidence to make your purchase from a reputable brand which chooses to use high quality materials alongside high quality craftsmanship and customer service.

And so I would like to thank those of you who have engaged in the story so far!