Coming soon to Charley and Billie…our new range of meowlicious cat scratchers!

I always had the idea to design and create other cat scratchers, but comments received from viewers and customers added that extra inspiration and motivation.  So when you asked whether I would consider designing and making a cat scratcher which your cat could easily perch on, or a taller cat scratcher for your cat to have a higher reach – I listened!

The new range includes the introduction of a locally sourced polished sandstone which adds an even more contemporary touch.  Quarried from my native Yorkshire, the stone base is 50mm thick and so offers additional stability for the Charley and Billie Tall Cat Scratcher.  The stone was also the ideal choice when designing the Charley and Billie Cuboid Cat Scratcher as, when teamed with recycled cardboard and solid oak of the same dimensions, the end product is a seamless 3-dimensional shape.  Using this Crossland Moor sandstone I am offering an alternative stone base option for the Charley and Billie Original Cat Scratcher.

All three new designs – including the Cuboid – work in the same way as the Original cat scratcher with free moving cardboard inserts for you to twist as desired.  Likewise, replacement cardboard will be available in full sleeves.

Stay tuned for the launch including some amazing shots captured by Fisheye Photography Studio!