I’ve already spoken about the benefits of providing your cat with a cat scratcher.  Likewise, there are other basic needs for your cat to experience a healthy and fulfilled life.  But, for those of you looking for that something extra then take a look at iHeartCats’ article for 10 Ways to Create the ULTIMATE Cat Paradise in Your Home.

Bingham (2015) takes a sneak preview into the contemporary furnishings which are adorning our modern homes – if truth be told – for us as much as for our feline friends! Going further than the cat’s basic needs, Andee Bingham provides a few indulgent examples of walkways, window perches, toys, water fountains, litter boxes, beds, trees, scratching posts, food puzzles and catios. Used as an example for No.8, the Charley and Billie Original Cat Scratcher can certainly help contribute to your cat’s care whilst in the process, I hope, looking fantastic to compliment your décor!



In what way have your turned your home into a cat paradise?



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