If you have a cat or a dog you will know that either pet can be such fun. If you have a cat and a dog then their antics are even more entertaining! Lány the dog joined our family a year later than Charley and Billie and as a pup was always looking to snuggle with another, whether that be human or feline. Obviously the cats could not tolerate getting so close and personal to a dog so the result would always be Lány taking possession of the cat baskets and even the cat chamber leading to the cat flap. The palpitations I had one day to encounter Lány trying to gain entry through the cat flap. I honestly thought she was wedged in there, but as her microchip wasn’t registered for entry she had no choice but to reverse!

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Lány still hasn’t learned her lesson when it comes to sleep and comfort as she still insists that she fits snuggly into the cat basket (don’t worry she does have her own large and spacious bed). Fortunately Charley and Billie have now come to accept Lány and don’t mind sharing their basket, just not at the same time!