I’m sure that on a day like today, Charley and Billie must truly hate me! The sooner these cats realise I’m a lover of all animals – to the extreme of rescuing flies and wasps from the water bowl – the better. Once again, Charley discovered a nest of mice and so began another game of rescue. Throughout the day I attempted to rescue not one, not two, but seven live young mice from the cats and Lány!

They succeeded in killing three of the mice, leaving their poor lifeless bodies as an offering to me (or was it to add salt to the wound?), but I was successful in wrestling three from them. So the score was 3 – 3 and I was thinking that surely there could be no more when I spotted a tail hanging from Lány’s closed mouth: a moving tail that is! Fortunately, as she’s a HPR (Hunt, Point, Retrieve) dog she has a ‘soft mouth’ and, when commanded, released a somewhat soggy baby mouse.

061114 (2)

I usually keep the mice for an hour or so in a container before releasing in the small woodland behind my house. I just have to hope that it’s not the same mouse being caught and returned!