I hear you thinking “American Express, that’s a credit card, right?”. So just what has this multi-national financial services to do with pet products? It’s quite simple, and smart, really. Understanding that people make purchases using the ‘credit card’ and that far too many of us are susceptible to marketing, they have designated a whole website – American Express Essentials – to bring us the current international trends.

So, the February 2016 newsletter edition includes 17 PET ACCESSORIES THAT WON’T CRAMP YOUR STYLE. You guessed correctly…the Charley and Billie Original Cat Scratcher made it to the list.


17 Pet Accessories That Won't Cramp Your Style 1

I have to say that my favourite pet accessory has to be No. 14, but I don’t think my dog would be impressed if I dressed her up in the Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume! And, how cute is No. 15 – the dog in shades?!

Which is your favourite pet accessory?